Paymode-X with Visa Payables

Paymode-X and Visa have joined forces on business payments to enable Paymode-X with Visa Payables Solutions. This solution creates the optimum way for businesses to pay and get paid.

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The Paymode-X with Visa Payables Difference

Other electronic payment approaches can result in missed automation and rebate opportunities and more work for AP and IT. Paymode-X with Visa Payables Solutions enables card, ACH and check payments in one place to simplify payment automation.

Paymode-X with Visa Payables Solutions

The combined solution draws upon the strength of two large established networks, best-of-breed commercial card and payment capabilities and a proprietary vendor onboarding methodology. Payers and vendors can accelerate and maximize opportunities for efficiency, security and cost-savings.

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Are you a financial institution with customers seeking better ways to make electronic payments? Paymode-X with Visa Payables Solutions helps you provide innovative payment capabilities that benefit your clients and in turn help you deepen customer loyalty, grow market share and expand your revenue opportunity.